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"I don't know if I should keep the stuff or sell it!"
Learn this simple method to get merchandise for FREE from Amazon
You can have items on the way to your door in as little as 30 minutes from now! Amazon supports this little known secret program, and might even send you a LIST of FREE STUFF to CHOOSE FROM!
  • Easy to Learn, Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Fully Supported & Encouraged by Amazon
  • Create a Fun Hobby or a Real Business
  • All Instructions Included

100% Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!

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The FIRST item that you get for free will more than cover it!
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Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"I was receiving boxes of products every morning & evening. The UPS man & I became buddies & he’d  comment on all of the boxes he delivered to me each day."
"The products poured in. Diapers, oven mitts, a shower stereo, jumper cables, nothing was off limits. A king-sized bed, a humidifier, a ceiling fan, a bird cage. It's borderline absurd!"
"My kids started to think every day was Christmas, and Amazon was Santa, dropping off the latest toys they saw on commercials. Birthdays were easy"
Who, What, Why!
Who Are We?
AHOY! Greetings, and thanks for looking at this fun method to either get a little bit of free stuff from Amazon as a great hobby, or you can even even resell your freebies and start a business! 

This is perfect for newbies, takes little time to learn, and with our provided step by step instructions, NO experience.

Our names are Nick Cifonie and Matt Lohse, and we’ve worked together for over 10 years doing marketing for local businesses, creating mobile apps, building hundreds of marketing websites with literally millions of pages, and even investing in real estate! 

We know our way around the internet...

We have spent countless hours learning and figuring out ways to help make ourselves and other people money. Having said that, we hate all of the garbage out there in the internet marketing biz, and we will never offer you a product or method that we don’t believe “works”. (as long as you do!) 

Many of you reading this right now have been “burned” in the past with useless information from useless products. This is not one of those times. 

We don’t need to do this (meaning, teach) to pay our bills. In fact, in the 10+ years we’ve been doing this we have never produced and sold a product... until this one. 

It’s inexpensive, fun, and we know it works

So let your guard down a little (we know it can be difficult), soak this information in, put it into action and have some fun with it! These methods are not theory, they are real life methods that work. 

Matt & Nick
Ahoy Marketing
What is This?
"Simple Merchandise Magic" is a simple method that can be learned in less than 30 minutes that teaches you how to get Amazon sellers to send you free or greatly discounted items... and thanking you for taking them! 

It's a little known secret that has got literally dozens of free items shipped to the doorstep of people who have figured it out by trial and error. This simple system pulls back the curtain and shows you how to do it yourself in an easy "step by step" manner. 

The short e-book can be read cover to cover in less than 30 minutes, and with a little practice and adding your "touch" you can do the same! There's nothing complicated, and you can use the system like a hobby and grab a few free or discounted gifts at Christmas, or treat it like a business and turn the items into cold, hard cash!

And the best part, is it's approved and even ENCOURAGED by Amazon!

If you have the most basic internet experience (and we assume you do, you found this page after all!) know how to find products on Amazon, and can copy and paste... you're qualified

You'll NEVER AGAIN just go to Amazon and place an order without trying to get it for free first... because you'll have the knowledge that others don't!

Don't waste any more time. Click on the button below now and grab your copy. You'll get it immediately, and be "shopping" (or freebing?) today!
Why Should You Get This?
The simple techniques taught in the program were almost  learned by accident when we came across someone who told us how he was doing this. 

In today's day and age we're pushed from all sides to wear the right clothes, have the best toys, look the right way, etc.. And of course we want to make our kids and grand-kids happy too, and this all costs money!

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world and only getting bigger. Why not have a way to get some of the things you would normally pay full price for... for FREE, or at the worst highly discounted? 

And the best part, is Amazon is so big and has so many sellers and orders shipping daily, that the method can NEVER be saturated! The more new sellers Amazon picks up (and they're joining every day!) the more this service is needed!

The more you do it the better you'll get and the more and more  you'll hear Amazon sellers saying "heck yeah"... and it's fun to do! The Amazon (or Ebay, or other sites) sellers will thank you for taking their stuff, and may even ask if you want OTHER items of theirs as well! (believe it!)

Imagine getting an email from an Amazon seller asking if you would "please accept an item we'd like to GIVE YOU"! I know, it sounds crazy, but it happens... often! You'll be teaching it to friends and family as well.

This method takes very little time, is easy to learn, and approved by Amazon.

Imagine your and/or your kids excitement watching for the UPS truck to arrive with a package or packages that you didn't pay for... but were legally and legitimately sent to your door

You'll never look at Amazon or Ebay the same again!

Our "No Questions Asked" Guarantee!
Use this fun and profitable method for 60 days, and if you're not 150% happy with the program we'll give every penny back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

There are countless people doing this every day, getting packages delivered to their door, and being thanked by the product sellers for doing it, but if for any reason you decide it's not for you, just say so and you'll get a FAST refund!

This fast, easy to read e-book WILL SELL LATER for $24.95. 
GET IT NOW for the small cost of ONLY 8.00!

The FIRST item that you get for free will more than cover it!
Take Action! You Won't Regret It!
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